Week 16 – Study Week Time

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everybody.

Now is the time for me to study really hard but smart as well because it’s already study week. Hehehe..such a bad attitude. When the exam is around the corner, then you are going to be serious Fatin! Dear friends, do not follow this bad attitude of mine. Seriously, it is gonna harm you. So, please prepare and study for your exam earlier and do not do it at the eleventh hour as you might deal with the stress.

So, for this course’s exam on 6th January 2014, I did some review on the past year questions that was shared by one of my classmates. Thank you Ibu (Kira) for the sharing. J From the questions, I already got some figure on how our exam’s questions will look like. Based on it, there are two sections with section A with multiple choice question and section B contains short essay questions which we have to give our opinion and reflection on what we have learned from this course.

Other than that, Aqilah Saidi also shared some of the notes for this course that she got it from the other program’s students ( Special Education). It is more to the lecture notes about the technology. It is very useful notes to be read to be covered for the exam even we do not know what kind of question will come out in the exam but it is better to be well prepared and read all of the notes.

Frankly speaking, I’m very nervous to sit for the exam as my past experience; I can’t answer the questions well as most of the questions are very rare to me. Maybe it was also affected by lack of preparation for the paper. I hope, there will be questions about the notes that I read and I can answer it well in the exam.

That’s all from me and just hoping for the best for the exam.

May Allah ease everything.


Thank you.:)

Week 15 – One Minute Pitch


We are towards the end of this course and of course the exam is just around the corner. Alhamdulillah everything went well for the EduTechnovation Day. Regarding the EduTechnovation Day, we have to do One Minute pitch. In the One Minute Pitch, I talk about the video that we have produced, experience that I’ve gained throughout this course, the preparation for the exam and the overall about this course. This is my video. Check it out! 😉


That’s all..Thank you.

Week 14 ~ EduTechnovation Day


Finally the big day for this course has come. A lot of preparation has been done from last two weeks as all of us were working very hard and burning the midnight oil having panda eyes to finish up and improve our video and poster based on the motivational comments and critiques from Dr. Rosseni and all of the facilitators. Alhamdulillah we manage  to overcome all of the problems with our video and poster as we also have to prepare for the hectic yet stressful weeks with the assignments, presentations and creative presentations as well. Huh! Such a big challenges for us as a student.

This week we have to present our video that has been improved from last week’s pre EduTechnovation day once again. Alhamdulillah everything goes well and everybody do a great work for their videos and posters. Each person is provided with a clicker to rate the video of other groups. Then the  mean of the vote for the video is taken and it is considered as our marks. I’m very grateful and thankful that our video got 3.6 out of 4. Before that, I’m nervous because other group’s video are a lot much better than us. I’m also worried  that our message is not understood by the audiences but then Dr. Rosseni also gives the positive comments for our video after a lot of changes and hard work we had done. I’m very satisfied for the final version of the video even there are still some improvement that we can change. This is our video. Enjoy it!


The video that  I like the most is the video from the GG Creation about heart donation. They blend the music into the video very well and I love the ending part of the video. They deserve to be the champion. Congratulations to the GG creation’s crews! 🙂

The video from the Ladies Production about the preservation of Tulisan Jawi is also a nice video with the great acting from them and the visual effect is good that I feel like they are being in the real time of the past plus with the correct place of shooting making the video is more realistic. I like the video and congrats to all of you for being the first runner up.

It is a very competitive and healthy competition as my group and the Triple N Single I’s group are actually tied to be the second runner up. It is a breathless moment as Brother Fuad is going to announce the winner of the second runner up’s place. As they do better than us, we accept the decision from the juries with an open heart. I know that theirs are much better compared to us and once again congrats uolls! 🙂

I realize that every groups have done their best and actually all of us are winners. So, do not upset and give up if we do not win because the experience and knowledge that we’ve learned through the challenging process is more valuable. Me, from zero knowledge of using Adobe Photoshop but now, I have the confidence to use it and I manage to help my group to design the poster even it is the simplest one compared to others. I hope that I can apply all of the knowledge like using Windows Live Movie Maker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Sound Booth and so on from the 14 weeks of class into my teaching once I am a teacher to make my teaching method more innovative, interactive and attractive. The knowledge and the experience that we have obtained is very special and priceless. Thank you Dr. Rosseni, Kak Ana, Mr. Helmi, Brother Fuad and all of the facilitators for the teaching and tutoring process.



It’s the time to say goodbye and hope to see all of you again. 🙂

#This is the introductory video of mine for the first week of class.


I’m sorry that my one minute pitch’s video is still in progress.

WEEK 13 ~ Mini EduTechnovation Day

Assalamualaikum and wishing all of you have a good day!

EduTechnovation Day. Just hearing about the day it will make me so stress and so do my friends. For that day, we have to present our video production which has taken at least 10 weeks to finish and touch up everything and we also need to present our poster as well.

Before we present our video, we have to update and upload all of our works in our Facebook’s group so that it is easier for Dr. Rosseni and other tutors to comment and give ideas for improvement to our works. My group’s work did receive a lot of comments from Dr. and we really appreciate the comments as from the comments we got to learn something new and reflect on our work. Definitely, our opinions are different from Dr. as she is more knowledgeable and expert in this field.  So, we accept her ideas and try to alter our video according to the comments and we find that we have a lot of problems with our video which are the main problem is the message that is going to be delivered is not clear, the scenes that we shoot are not suitable with the story and there are some scenes not fit to the screen.

Actually at first, I’m feeling so depressed after receiving the first comment from Dr. because all this while after we presenting our project on week 12, Dr. did give compliment to our project and I feel relieved that our project is on the right track. But then, I’m really upset that Dr. comments on our Fb’s group telling that our story is a typical one. Me and my group members really feel discourage at that time and it is really a stressing moment for us as we only have less than a week to present our project.

After the comments that Dr. said our video is a typical video, we discuss on how to change it. At first, Wan Ni suggested that we do a narration video but then it is still typical. It is more stressing after idea and ideas being rejected until at one time we are feeling like giving up our hope for this video. However, we tried to do our best to improve the video and also the poster. We work on it together and also divide the works evenly among us so that the burden will be lighter because together we stand, divided we fall!

As for the improvement for our video, we have decided to follow Kak Ana suggestion to interview the public about the cases of mothers abandonment at the Old Folks’ Home. Besides that, Dr. also suggests to us to interview the real mother of the real abandonment cases at the Old Folks’s home. So, we decided to follow on both of the suggestions but unfortunately we can’t go to the Old Folk’s Home due to the some circumstances which we don’t have the approval letter from the faculty to do our fieldwork there because we are running out of the time to ask for it. Luckily one of our group members have a friend who is going to do their fieldwork there. So, we ask for her help to interview some of the mothers there but again luck is  not on our side as the rules there didn’t allow any recording session to be conducted. So, we just get some pictures from there and we did include it into our video.

As for the poster, we have three designs of it. Dr. did mention to us do not print it out yet until she approves it. However, as we are afraid that Dr. might want to see it in the class, we did print it in the evening but then Dr. post in the Fb’s group that the poster should not be printed out yet and we just have to show it from our computer during the class. It;s too late that I read the post in the morning of the next day as the internet connection at my college is so bad. In the class, Dr. gives her comments to our poster that the font that we use for our tagline should be formal, the colour should be contrast to the background and the our names must be one inch from the footer. Alright Dr., we will try our best to improve it.

Alhamdulillah, on the real day of the Edutechnovation day, me and my group members did our best to present our video and I am so happy that our video has touched some of my classmates’ heart that they cried watching our video and it is not so bad that we got 50 something percent for the excellent grade based on the poll voting. I am so relieve to see that my classmates could understand the message that we want to deliver through the video. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah that I manage to go through the tough moments that I didn’t have my proper sleep and having depression to create this video but all of these are parts of the student’s life and it will be a sweet memory to be reminiscing one day.

That’s all from me..Thank you for reading..:)

Week 12 ~ Video Inspection

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody!

First of all I’m sorry for coming late to the class today as I got to finish my fieldwork for Learner Diversity and Differentiated Teaching course at Tunas Permata. It is a sorrowful yet a stress day for me today after Dr. Rosseni tells us the marks for our blog reflection. Terrible!! It is really bad and terrible! 10 out of 30 is the highest marks for now for the reflection. I don’t know how much marks did I got.  It could be 1, 2, 3 or anything. Arrghh, I’m so stress for the marks. How can I score an ‘A’ for this subject if I only got this little mark and for sure it will affect my overall CGPA. I’ve experienced it once in the first semester in which I got B- for Educational Computer subject and it has totally affected my CGPA for the semester and I do not want this situation to repeat again because the experience is very painful deep in my heart.

It is scarier when Dr. Rosseni asks how much marks that we are targeting for our videos and final exam. If it is summed up, we are in the ‘C’ group. Oh my God! Definitely I’ve to do something for my blog reflections and I’ll try my best for the EduTechnovation Day event which consists of presentation, video and also poster. Seriously, I’ve got no time to play anymore as there are only 2 weeks more left.

Now, I realize that how important the blog reflection is as it consists of 30% of the marks. It comes to a regret that I didn’t update it right after the class.  Dr. Rosseni is right that the  reflection should be done right after the class ends unless it will not be called as reflection because I tend to forget what I have learned for the day. So, the earlier the reflection is done, the best it will be.  I’m always think that the reflection can be done any time after the class like two to three weeks after that  but actually it is totally WRONG. 

Thank you Dr. Rosseni because you have made me to realize my mistakes. From now and onwards, I’ll update my blog accordingly right after the class ends for the five remaining reflections. A big thanks too to Dr because still giving us the chance to improve our grade as the marks from the blog reflection will be counted from the five remaining reflections and three from the previous weeks. I’m very grateful that I’m still given the opportunity to improve my marks. 

THANK YOU Dr. Rosseni, Kak Ana, Mr. Helmi and Brother Fuad. 🙂



Other than that, this week we are supposed to complete our video editing as next week will be the Mayday for us because we need to present our video production and also the poster in front of the Dean, The Deputy Dean and also other lecturers. I’m nervous waiting for the day to come as I wonder  will they understood the message that we try to deliver from our video.

After Mr. Helmi watched our full edited video, he did give us some comments. Alhamdulillah, overall our video is ok because I’m a bit nervous that it might not come out like what our lecturers are hoping for. Anyway,we need to improve it a little bit by inserting some texts and there are some parts that need to be cut and changed its position. We will try to edit it back as being told by Mr. Helmi as we want the best quality of it. Thanks for the positive comments.

That’s all for today. See you again..:)

Week 11~ Creating The Poster

Assalamualaikum and hello readers!

Alhamdulillah all praises to Allah that I’m still alive today and still got the chance to attend Educational Technology class for this week after having a very hectic life last week. It is common to all university’s students to be very busy at the end of the semester as we have to catch up with the dateline for the assignments, presentation and all sorts of report. It is a tiring challenge for us as students.

Back to the main topic! This week Kak Ana did emphasize on how to do a good blog reflection as ours are not achieving certain requirements that are set yet. She has shown us the examples of the seniors’ blog and now I can see the difference between their reflections and mine. Mine is just reporting what I have done so far in the class and I’m not relating what I’ve learnt from the class to the real life situation. So, it is kind of dry reflection without emotion of what I’ve felt after learning something new from the class. Actually there are five stages altogether in doing a good reflection starting from reporting, responding, relating, reasoning and reconstructing. InsyaAllah from now and onwards, I’ll try to improve my reflection as much as possible and please do guide me if I’m wrong.. 🙂

We are informed that there’ll be an Edu Technovation Day  in week 14 which is the last week of studying before the study week break. We need to present about our video production and the new info that I get this week is we have to create a poster to promote our video. It’s some kind of doing a film cover for our video. Besides that, in this event, the other lecturers such as the Deputy Dean or any other lecturers will be invited too. For me, it is the most important day as we need to present our video production as it comprises a lot of things that we have learnt from the class to create the video. It is not an easy task actually. I hope that me and my group members will do our best for the day.

Making a poster to promote our video sounds like a good idea as we can apply what we have learnt in the Adobe Photoshop’s class. Leaning without practice is nothing as we tend to forget the knowledge. Even I have learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop last two weeks, but I’m still struggling to use it this week because I’m only use it in the class. Therefore, practice is very important as Adobe Photoshop is a useful software when I got in to work later because when the school is going to have an event and I’m the one who is assigned to create a poster, I can apply the knowledge that I’ve learnt. I’ll try to use and explore it more often.

So, to create a poster by using Adobe Photoshop, follow this steps below:

1) Set your canvas




RESOLUTION > 100 – 150

Then click OK.

2) Import a picture as the background


3) To have a landscape image


4) To set up a new canvas


5) To drag the picture from the 1st canvas

Click on the MOVE TOOL icon then drag the picture

6)To adjust the size of the picture


Press the left click with the SHIFT button on your keypad simultaneously to adjust the size of the picture without changing the picture’s proportion.

7) To colour the background

WINDOW > LAYERS > BACKGROUND > GRADIENT TOOL > BUCKET TOOL > Choose the colour that you prefer > Move the cursor to the background then click it

8) To give effects to the picture


9) To add text to the picture


Click the cursor on your image and then type your text

10) To change the colour of your text


That’s all what I’ve learnt for Adobe Photoshop CS 4 and please correct me if I’m wrong. Actually it’s not that difficult to use this software but I just need to be patient and more passionate in learning it. Hopefully that I’ll be expert using this software after some practices and I can apply it as my teaching aids to attract students’ attention  when I’m a teacher on one  fine day. 

Thank you for reading this entry. 🙂

Week 10~ The Presentation Day

Assalamualaikum and good day everybody!

Today is a very important day to all of us as we have to present the progress of our video. This presentation will be counted as our midterm assessment. Its sounds like a nightmare to me because this is the first midterm ever  that I’ll be facing in UKM. Moreover, it will be assessed in terms of the presentation which is quite different from the usual that we just do papers and pen assessment.

Plus, there’re still a lot of things that are not settled yet for our videos. However, we try as much as possible to give a good presentation for our video. Actually, after we have been told to do a presentation, we sit together and discuss among us on what we are going to have in our slides. We work together on it in the evening but our slides did not match with the requirements from the guideline as been given. I am a bit disappointed as the guideline is given late to us which we have to prepare all those things in less than 24 hours which has pushed us to stay up at night. This is the guideline that we must include in our slides’ presentation:

  • prepare a medium of presentation by using powerpoint, prezi or any other suitable software
  • the content includes the title, group members, title of the video, the objectives of making the video
  • presentation of the complete parts of the video and the edited ones
  • presentation of the scenes (complete or incomplete)
  • your expectation towards the video

Therefore, we have decided to divide the works among us which are to edit the video, update the blog and also edit some of the pictures to be inserted into the video. Me and Wani are assigned to update the blog and do the slides’ presentation while Kuza do the video editing and Zahidah do the pictures editing. Updating the blog is a bit hard as I need to include about our feelings and relate what I have learnt then apply it to our real life situation. For example, learning Adobe Photoshop is very useful as I can edit the pictures to be like exactly what I want and make some improvement to the pictures. Maybe in the future I can use this software to edit something to be more educational or to enhance my teaching aids.

For the presentation, Alhamdulillah everything went well and I was very happy that it worth my efforts to burn the midnight oil to complete what is needed for our presentation. We manage to update the blog till the 9th week and complete our video editing as well. There are three more scenes that are needed to be recorded as we just finished with the three first scenes which are :

scene 1:

An old sad woman is being alone at an old folks home.

scene 2:

 A nurse and a doctor is walking while   talking about the woman along the   path at the old folk home. Suddenly   they saw the old woman is alone.

scene 3:

The nurse approach the old woman and try to talk to her. The old woman tells the nurse about her wrongdoing   in the past towards her mother.   (Flashback)

So far, that’s all we have shot for our video. There are a lot of things that should be done for our video like choosing the suitable audio as it is a sad and silent video, do the frontal part of the video which is to include about surah Ar-Rahman as we want to relate it to the Allah’s favours towards us and we have to add up the closing part of the video. Many things need to be settled down and I really hope that me and my group members can work well on it. I am hoping that the audiences will get the message that we are going to delivered from this video which is to appreciate our mother as she is the most valuable favours from Allah to us. May Allah ease our works..:)

Thank you and till we meet again..;)